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TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL: A Spotlite on International Designer ANGEL SANCHEZ


A Spotlite on International Designer ANGEL SANCHEZ

By Eden Herbstman

Fall 2012
(As seen in PMc Magazine, September 2012)   

Angel Sanchez has accomplished what some believe to be impossible; he truly understands what women want. The Venezuelan designer has become a go-to for red carpet glamor, and he has garnered a loyal celebrity following. Prior to entering the design world, Sanchez worked with architecture, a background that helps him construct one-of-a-kind evening and bridal gowns. A- list beauties such as Sandra Bullock and Eva Longoria both walked down the aisle in one of his creations. With a keen eye for beauty, structure, and detail, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for S/S 2013.

Eden Herbstman: Do you think anything about your design aesthetic has changed since you first launched your collection?

Angel Sanchez: Definitely. My aesthetic has evolved a great deal over the years. My decision to leave Venezuela and set up headquarters in New York greatly influenced me.  It allowed for a more extensive and modern perspective.

EH: Your evening gowns have combined signature elements of architectural consciousness with sexiness and an acute attention to detail. What inspires these foundations in your pieces?
AS: My formation as an architect is part of who I am as a fashion designer. Precise and geometric lines come naturally. The sexiness and attention to detail behind the clothes come from years of training and listening to my clients needs. I love dressing a woman that wants to look sexy, yet demure. It’s a fine line.

EH: Is there a difference between how you approach your bridal collections compared to your evening collections?

AS: Evening involves a more complex creative process for me; I pay more attention to global trends, artistic and cultural movements, and other happenings, while also keeping my aesthetic and signature lines intact. There are just many more pieces to the puzzle.

EH: Your creations have become a go-to for major red carpet celebrity looks. What are some of your tips for completing the perfect red carpet moment?

AS: There is nothing sexier than a woman that carries herself with the utmost confidence. Choose a gown that you are comfortable in that also complements your silhouette.

EH: After more than twenty years of designing, do you see yourself stopping anytime soon?
AS: On the contrary, I am more inspired than ever and I’m looking forward to expanding my Angel Sanchez line from evening wear to lifestyle. I want to dress a woman for all occasions, not only evening functions.

EH: What’s the first thing on your to-do list after you show at fashion week?
AS: I’m going to write thank you notes from my upstate cottage.

Angel Sanchez is an international fashion designer.

Angel Sanchez Official Website

Written by Eden Herbstman
Edited by Jonathan Metzelaar
Photography by Coco Alexander

Design by Marie Havens

Angel Sanchez, Angel Sanchez Studio, August 22nd,2012, Photography by Coco Alexander

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