Wednesday, August 4, 2010


AH-MAZING was created in 2009 by Andrea Merlot.

This project's mission is to emphasize the artistic side of fashion in a world where consumerism and capitalism have almost accomplished to "destroy" the true meaning of art. 

Andrea decided to try and do something about it with the help of some of his favourite designers, artists and friends whose artwork he has always admired. 

Through his work as creator and owner of Ah-mazing, Andrea is a supporter of young talents, to help them gain the recognition they deserve and make them and their art shine.

Personally, more than a business, we consider ourselves 
just a little creative community of artists and hope that in the future, 
we'll grow stronger and bigger just as one big creative family.

Today's fashion world is in desperate need of innovation 
and creativity and that's what our artists are here for. 
Support our mission and spread art!

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